DSG Rocks & Highball Set of 8

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Step into the world of refined cocktail experience with the RIEDEL Drink Specific Rocks & Highball Glasses. These meticulously designed glasses cater to the modern evolution of barware, accommodating both standard ice cubes and the larger ice formats favored by today's top bars and restaurants.
Every dimension of these glasses - size, shape, volume, and ice capacity - has been finely tuned. It's not merely about aesthetics; it's about function, tradition, and the evolution of cocktail culture. With Riedel and Harris at the helm, the DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE series isn't just a product line; it's a revolution.
For cocktail aficionados and those with an eye for impeccable glass design, the RIEDEL Drink Specific Rocks & Highball glasses offer an unmatched blending of tradition and innovation.

This product is made of clear crystal glass.
Presenting the RIEDEL Bar Drink Specific Glassware collection, an innovative series in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris. This collection answers the need for cocktail-specific glassware with glasses like Neat, Rocks, Double Rocks, Fizz, Highball, Nick & Nora, Sour and Coffee, all perfected to cater to thousands of cocktails.
This product is machine-made.
This item is dishwasher safe.
This pack contains 4 RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Rocks tumbler and 4 RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Highball glasses.