Louisiana Animals ABC

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Artful images grace the pages of this alphabet book; a visual feast of Louisiana's wildlife accompanied by informative facts and lyrical descriptions. Author and bard Rickey E. Pittman takes us on an adventure through the wilds of the state, embracing each animal's nature and providing short snippets of information perfect for the littlest of listeners and the youngest readers. Graceful images from artist Kay Meadows enhance Pittman's prose providing a gorgeous snapshot of these creatures from alligators, crawfish, and fox to opossums, pelican, vultures, and yellow jackets. Z brings us right into a list of Louisiana's edutaining zoos. Pittman offers a bit of lagniappe wrapped in Meadows clever illustrations in lists of the Louisiana state animals, fun Cajun French words for familiar wildlife, a list of troublesome species, and a list of critters we need to protect.